Sound desgin for dance performance

Not not a dance class
Not not a performance
Not not dance history
Not not dance

Perhaps an experiential form which invites you, the audience, to attend a dance class.
An art piece where being choreographed to dance is the artwork, but
who gets to decide what is  “dance”?!
How is our experience of moving a part of the monolith DANCE?!

Let us together share in a dance class and become the bearers of dance history, let us become dance history, let us dance dance history.


NB: Limited tickets!
Dress to impress! Strike that Dress to DANCE!
MDT, 2019

Koreografi: PETER

Performance:Peter Mills, Emma Tolander

Ljud: Anna Haglund

Ljus: Björn Kuajara, Katti Alm

Samproduktion med MDT

Med stöd av Kulturrådet